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Jerry Theilen, Agent

A word from Jerry

Welcome to Theilen Insurance Agency Website. We are sales people but our goal or mission, whatever you prefer to call it, is to do what is right for the customer all of the time. Example: I received a call today from a past customer’s offspring. She had just inherited a house that the person had put in a trust before they passed away and was questioning whether the house was protected for the liability that comes with owning a property and for possible physical damage to the home. I recommended that she contact the Attorney handling the estate to see if the Homeowners policy was still in force; it was. The point is, I could have written a new policy on the house through Theilen Agency and not mentioned contacting the Estate’s Attorney, which would have been good for me but cost the customer money out of their pocket.
Like Mike Holmes says “Do it right”
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The WOW Factor

Joshua Heginger
"I have had my auto insurance with Jerry at the Theilen Agency since I began driving. Jerry has helped change my coverage as life has changed for me. Now I am married and a homeowner with a child of my own. No one plans to have a claim on their insurance, but when it has happened we have been taken care of with respect and efficiency. And Jerry is always there for additional questions about the claim."

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